Scott Sadler

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Celebrating his 27th year as an entrepreneur, Scott Sadler continues to push his coaching to new heights. As the millennial generation continues to move into the workforce, Scott Sadler and his work has become increasingly valuable to businesses across the country. Business leaders and managers are seeking to understand what motivates this generation. In an effort to best understand and utilize millennials, organizations call on Scott Sadler to learn how everyone can be motivated and appreciated. His expertise on this generation is detailed in his book, “A Guide for Developing Successful Millennial Leaders,” published in 2014.

Throughout his decades of experience, Scott Sadler has proven himself time and time again to be a thought leader for businesses throughout the country. As an entrepreneur, Scott has owned businesses which have employed small to large numbers of people. This experience allows him to offer a unique perspective to his clients. Scott believes that ultimately all business problems have a communication solution. He remains a trusted advisor to clients across the country, and also works with the Executive Coaching University as the Director of Workplace Programs, serving clients in 38 countries. Scott Sadler’s ever expanding client base includes Dr. Marten’s, S.A.I.F. Corporation, Meeting Professionals International, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Metro and Kimpton Hotels.

Scott Sadler is a man of many passions and interests, all of which are rooted in his deep appreciation of life. Of his many interests, one that remains near the top of the list is community involvement. Scott has been an active member of his community for several years. The many organizations he remains involved with include Liberty House Child Abuse Assessment Center, The Inspire Foundation, Red Cross, Community Emergency Response Team, and Leadership Youth to name a few.

Scott’s other interests include the outdoors, camping, hiking, trail running, meditation, food, wine, beer, golf, traveling, yoga, and reading. As a resident of Salem, Oregon, it is hard to find any of these interests in short supply. Scott is an experienced mountaineer, backpacker, and wilderness survival student. The beautiful Oregon landscape provides endless adventures where he can utilize his skills. The Portland, Oregon area also offers a wealth of micro-breweries, wineries, and restaurants.

A man of many interests and a demanding work life, Scott Sadler always allows time for his greatest interest – spending time with his family and friends. He and his wife Ingrid are the proud owners of a pit-bull-lab mix named Austin, a Chow-Shepard mix named Charlie and a crazy cat named Kimmy.